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Student Mail

Who can use it?

Undergraduate and Graduate students.

How to get it

You must activate your MacID to use this service.

REMINDER: McMaster Student Email Migration is in progress. After you are migrated, you will ONLY receive email in your Microsoft 365 Outlook inbox.

New students and those who have already been migrated to the Microsoft 365 environment can access their email at:


Students who have NOT yet been migrated can access their email at:


How much does it cost?

This service is free.

Service availability


Service Provider

McMaster StudentMail is powered by Google (G-mail).

*StudentMail is migrating from Google (G-Mail) to the Microsoft 365 environment (Outlook). Click here for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students email accounts will expire the January 31st after your convocation. Contact the Alumni Association the McMaster Alumni Association for email forwarding.

Email account with access to Google Drive (unlimited storage), Google Calendar and Google Docs. Additional Google apps may be rolled out as they become supported.

Prior to your account expiration, you may want to save the email and data from your student email account.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Log into your student email account at
  2. Click on the account image in the top right corner (there is a McMaster University logo)
  3. Click on Manage your Google Account
  4. On the opening page, click on Transfer your content
  5. Enter the personal email address where you want to save the data. This works best with a Gmail account.
  6. Click on Send Code.
  7. Open a new tab on the browser and log into your personal Gmail account. Look for an email from Google.
  8. In the email, click on Get Verification Code and highlight and copy the code.
  9. Return to your McMaster Student account and insert the verification code.
  10. Select the data you wish to transfer, email or Google drive or both.
  11.  Submit the request and the transfer of the data will commence immediately.

* The transfer of mail will create a new folder in the personal email account entitled

Google advises that this will take up to a week but it rarely does. Usually transfers in one day or less.*

There are two ways to validate if your email migration is complete:

  • Once your account has been migrated, you will receive a notification in  your Gmail and Microsoft 365 email accounts.   
  • Log into the Microsoft 365 portal with your student email and password. If you see the Outlook icon, your email has been migrated.

After your email account has been migrated, you can access your email by: 

  • Logging into the Microsoft 365 portal using your email address ( and password then select the Outlook app 
  • Logging into email directly using with your email address ( and password.