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MacID Terms and Conditions of Use

MacID Terms and Conditions

As a member of the McMaster community, you are being issued a MacID with which you can access online digital resources. Your MacID is uniquely identifies you and will provide you access to information and services related to your role at the university. Your MacID also protects and provides you access to personal information that has been collected by the university. Your MacID identifies you, and not your role; your MacID will not change if your role at the university changes.


Notice on the Collection of Personal Information and Protection of Privacy


Create and maintain a strong password

Your MacID provides you access to online resources when paired with a password that you choose. The password you choose must be unique to your MacID; do not reuse the same password that you use to access your personal email, social media or any other online services that are not provided by McMaster.

Choose a strong password that meets the complexity requirements in the university Password Standard. Your password should not be easy to guess, so don’t use any part of your MacID, your name, your favourite pet’s name, or common words such as “password” in your password. You will be required to change your password annually; do not store or record your password in a readable format, so don’t write your password on a sticky note that you “hide” under your keyboard.


Protect your MacID

Your MacID is your responsibility, and you are accountable to the university for all activity on the McMaster for which your MacID has been authorized. DO NOT share your MacID and password with anyone, not even your manager, your best friend, or a close family member. If you ever feel that someone else has access to your MacID and password, you must change your password and immediately report this to the Service Desk.


Getting Help

If you need help with or have questions about your MacID, please visit our Contact page for support.


Additional Resources

Members of the McMaster community are required to comply with codes of conduct relevant to their role at the university, as well as the following technology related policies:


Acceptable Use of computers

Password Standard

Information Security Policy