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Resources on MacID and MacID password management. If you are an Alumni please click here.

Learn more about Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) tool.

If you have any questions or are unable to resolve your issue, get support via the Service Desk.

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Self-service password reset (SSPR) is available for students, faculty members and staff to use to reset and recover passwords for their McMaster MacID accounts.

Self-service password reset (SSPR) is a tool that will enable you to safely manage your own password reset and recovery without the need of logging a ticket with the UTS Service Desk – giving you more control to easily and quickly reset your password anywhere and anytime.

The purpose of this service is to provide an easy and convenient method for individuals to manage their personal password for their MacID account that protects both university information, as well as individuals’ personal information and services. This process supports compliance with university privacy policies and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

Multi-factor authentication is an easy way to protect your Microsoft 365 email and calendaring service. Sometimes known as two-step verification, multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of protection to help prevent hackers from accessing your email and account — even if they have your password. McMaster / Microsoft 365 MFA is available for all members of the McMaster community for their MacID account and is easy to setup and use.

In order to determine if SSPR has been enabled, you must log out of your Microsoft account. When you attempt to log back in, you will receive a notice that SSPR has been enabled and must fill in your recovery information.

* I have logged in to a Microsoft service, and have not received an SSPR notice. What are my next steps? 

  • If you have not received an SSPR notice, Contact us here via live chat, phone or logging a self-service ticket.

To support a more secure McMaster, University Technology Services (UTS) will soon be requesting that all McMaster students, faculty, and staff reset their MacID password. In anticipation of this global password reset, we are launching a three-step process: 

  • Step 1: Complete the Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)  
  • Step 2: Everyone with a MacID will be asked to reset their password in early June. 
  • Step 3: Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) once you complete Step 1, you will have the option  to sign up for MFA, adding even more protection to your MacID. 

* What happens if I do not receive an email to register for MFA?  

  • If you have not received an MFA registration email, Contact us here via live chat, phone or logging a self-service ticket. 
  • Personal contact information is required for MFA in order to verify your identity when logging in from a new Wi-Fi access point, or after 30 days of logging in without verification. Additionally, the personal contact information and validation questions, that are provided by individuals completing the SSPR process, are stored securely and are not used for any other purpose than to provide convenient options for individuals to reset their password or recover their account in the event their account is compromised. 
  • This is an important measure for everyone’s personal information, for university data and information, and for our overall institutional IT security readiness.

Security questions are stored privately and securely and can only be answered by users during registration. Authorized IT administrators do not have access to read or modify a user’s questions or answers. Other information, such as personal email address or phone number, can only be viewed by authorized IT administrators with the appropriate level of approval, however the information will never be used for any other purpose than for those stated above.

  • Next time you log into a Microsoft service with your MacID and password, you will receive a notice that SSPR has been enabled and must fill in your recovery information.
  • You will have up to two weeks to fill in the recovery information, after which you will be prompted to complete the process.  
  • Once you’ve registered for SSPR, you will receive an email inviting you to register for Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).