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McMaster Softphone ~ Avaya Workplace

McMaster Softphone ~ Avaya Workplace Overview

The Avaya Workplace application brings all the functionality of a desk phone onto your computer, mobile or tablet devices, allowing employees to stay connected to the office no matter where they are working. The application mimics a desk phone by presenting a phone interface on the computer, complete with a dial pad and call handling features (such as Hold and Transfer). Employees working from home or any remote location, can answer incoming calls as well as make outgoing calls, just as if they were sitting at their desks using a physical phone. This option allows employees to keep their mobile phone numbers private with call display showing the McMaster phone number, retaining a professional image when making outgoing calls. YOU MUST HAVE A UNIVERSITY EXTENSION TO USE THIS FEATURE.  IF NOT YOU MUST SUBMIT A REQUEST THROUGH PHONEWORKS

How to install the Avaya WORKPLACE Softphone Client

You MUST have a UNIVERSITY extension to use this application.  DO NOT use your MACID/MCMASTER EMAIL.

Read through the information before beginning.

When you install the softphone, and are not on the campus network, you have the option to use it while connected to the VPN or you can change the settings and you do not have to be the VPN. (Section below:  NOT USING APPLICATION ON VPN)

If you choose to use the application on the VPN, please ensure that you download the client over the McMaster VPN 

1.  Install the latest AVAYA Workplace client (Windows, iOS, Android).

(For client devices connected to WiFi network make sure the Avaya Utility Server FQDN: is reachable from the network.)

2. Launch the application. Configure my account.

3. Choose Web Address (DO NOT USE EMAIL SIGN UP)

4. In the URL type or copy & paste:  and then click NEXT

5. Enter extension number and password, and hit NEXT

6. Client configuration and Welcome to Avaya WORKPLACE window, Skip or follow through the tutorial.

7.  You are now connected!



After your initial setup, you can change the settings to allow for the phone to be used while not on the VPN. The following is a screenshot of the settings change:

Click DONE for the system to accept the change.

Please note, when you go on campus and use your phone, the phone might be logged out and you will have to log the set back in.


*If you want to skip the INITIAL SET UP, to set up without connecting to the VPN, follow these steps:

Download the application.

1. Choose Configure my account

2.  Do NOT choose email.  Click the settings COG:

3.  Choose Manually Configure:

4.  Services
5.  Phone Service (show details)
6.  Change the setting as shown below:

7. Click DONE for the system to accept the change.

8. Now, sign in with your extension and password, and now you are connected

Avaya Workplace Mobile Client

Install on your mobile from the Google store or your iTunes account, AVAYA WORKPLACE
Choose the Settings Cog
Choose Services
Choose Phone Service
Change the setting as shown below:

Click DONE for the system to accept the change.

Now, sign in with your extension and password, and now you are connected


Still have questions about the Softphone?  Lets have a session!  Please contact Anna DiFilippo:  X21308 or