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Telecom FAQ’s

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ON campus:  Dial 22993, enter your extension and password.

OFF campus, Dial:  9055259140 x22993, enter your extension and password.

-If you are using your deskphone: Press the MESSAGE Button
then enter your voicemail password.

-If you are using your  SOFTPHONE:  Press the VOICEMAIL Button
then enter your password.

The phone login credentials is for phone usage. Signing into the phone with an extension and password gives you access to your extension and access to using the McMaster phone (either the deskphone, softphone or both)

Voicemail is a different application that you can listen to messages, record greetings.  To log into your voicemail, this is a different password then the phone password.

If you need passwords reset, please email and please provide your extension and name.

No, once you have disconnected, there is no way to retrieve a deleted message. However, if you are still in an active session, you can press 7, 6 to restore the message you just deleted.

Once you have logged in to voice mail by entering your mailbox # and password, select option 8, 2, 3 and finally 5 (BE READY TO RECORD YOUR MESSAGE). Now press the # key to stop your recording and then select option 9 to set the expiry date (following the voice instructions).


Call x24357 or please submit a ticket here: Please be sure to include the following information when reporting a telephone repair:

  • Description of the problem
  • The extension number of the phone with the problem
  • The location of the phone (building and room number)
  • Contact information (name, location, and extension)

Yes, this option allows for a maximum of 6 parties (including originator) in a single conference call.

To add a new party to an established call, press the CONFERENCE button on your telephone set. The first party is on hold and you receive dial tone. Now dial the number of the next party. When the next party answers, you may talk privately or press CONFERENCE to include all parties in the call.


Changes to your listing in the Faculty and Staff Directory can be done online here.

Please note that the Record ID # is NOT your staff ID. This number is automatically assigned to a listing when it is added to the directory database. To locate this number, simply search for the desired listing in the On-line F&S Directory and once you have found your result, click on either the name or extension number and you will see a complete listing page. At the top right hand side of this page is the Record ID # in bold print. Please note that you do not have to include the Record ID # when requesting to add a new listing as they are not currently in our database and will not have a Record ID.

Long Distance FAQ's

Please submit a request to:

Ensure to include: User Name, extension, department, campus address and an account number to charge for the service.

Yes. Telecommunications offers for fax long distance, toll free services, and Wide Area Calling

For wide area calling, unlimited long distance for these area codes, $7/month:  905, 289, 416, 647, 519, 226, 613, 742

Mobility FAQ's

Faxing FAQ's

Dial 011 + the country code + the city code + the telephone number followed by 4 pauses before you send the fax in order to delay the transmission while dialing overseas.

Directory Assistance FAQ's

Canada 411 is also available at no cost. Click here for Canada 411.